From the beginning, MasterCraft has provided industrial enterprises a variety of services designed to enhance and maintain their property. Brick, block, steel and aluminum structures can be sandblasted, primed, and painted, restoring them to their original appearance. Specialty coatings are readily available for additional protection and durability. Machinery, such as stamping presses and overhead cranes, can look new again utilizing our unique 12-hour process.

Factories and other buildings requiring cosmetic interior painting or specialty coatings, such as the color coding of pipes, can benefit greatly from our services. Metal deck ceilings can be enhanced with paint for greater light reflection.

We are competent in completing new construction projects requiring set specifications within a given time frame. Working directly from customer's blueprints, and offering educated adjustments, we can handle any project from start to finish.



Homeowners can now enjoy the same services MasterCraft offers industrial and commercial clients. We can paint a single room or your entire house, enhancing the beauty and value of your home. Examine the completed project before hand with our computerized color preview system. A MasterCraft representative will be pleased to offer you a no-cost, no-obligation project estimate.

If you are considering painting the interior or exterior of your home, contact our dedicated paint professionals at MasterCraft. We also offer homeowners our exclusive, one-year warranty.  MasterCraft is committed to your satisfaction and provides a written guarantee with every project. 

We also have a friendly office staff available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. to answer your questions. Call MasterCraft today to schedule your free estimate on your next project.



Our clients have long-valued the commitment to quality expressed through MasterCraft. The smallest details, such as replacing caulk, rotted wood, or priming mill glaze, are never overlooked. We handle handle everything with precision and care.

To better serve you, we have divided our property managers into two groups: Condominium Management and Commercial Properties. Each department is staffed with professionals who are experienced with the challenges that each property offers. Our experience pays off and can save you time and money.

We also understand the sensitive nature involved when scheduling projects with existing tenants.  By notifying businesses or residents prior to schedule, we are able to minimize any inconveniences the project may involve. Our professionals offer an exclusive, one year warranty to guarantee your satisfaction.