One of the most frequently asked questions is "why do we have so much replacementevery paint cycle?" There are generally three reasons why. 

  1. Original trim installation was done with pine lumber and not pre-primed. 
  2. Original paint job was inferior, not properly protecting the siding and trim.
  3. Problematic areas which may need to be evaluated for flashing or alternate material selection (such as chimnies) 

Every project is different and requires individual evaluation.  We welcome on site meetings with project managers and boards.  This way we can learn how to taylor our approach to your individual needs.  Many times this is also very educational to boards.  It helps them understand how their dollars are being spent and why. 


Let us be your siding contractor.  It only makes "cents", to have the same professionals provide this critical element of your buildings restoration. 

Our staff of carpenters is head up by a licensed residential builder with 34 years of experience.  We can efficiently handle any size job and any type of siding.  Since we use our own carpenters, scheduling your job is our resonsibility.  Your job will always be done right, on time, and ready for paint.  Our focus is to provide the same level of quality and professionalism that you are accustomed to with our paint crews. 


Look for future updates on: 

Trim options including some of the newer fabricated trims. 

~ evaluations and recommendations on various siding options

~ common siding issues due to improper installation

~ Chimnies and leaks